Miracles are Natural

A course inspired by New York Times’ Best Selling Author Gabby Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles

Week 1 

Overview and Oracle Card Training to Use Cards to Bring About Miracles

Week 2

Adopting a Miracle Mindset

Week 3

The Miracle of Self-Love

Week 4

The Miracle of Loving My Body

Week 5

The Miracle of Loving My Relationships

Week 6

The Miracle of Loving My Finances

Week 7

The Miracle of Owning My Role as a Miracle Worker

The May Cause Miracles course is genius, and having Traci lead me through it was wonderful! If I had to choose a word to describe Traci it would be, genuine. Traci has so much energy and enthusiasm and after spending any time with her, is feels like her energy is contagious. You can’t help but feel better! AND, the best part is that you feel that her energy and enthusiasm is very genuine.

Maria Martorana

Traci was a wonderful guide through May Cause Miracles! I loved the interactive video chats in the class. Traci was so fun and enthusiastic during the videos and her posts in the class group, and that energy was contagious! She was great about answering questions during the videos and in the group. She seemed to really care about making the class a great experience for everyone individually. I would love to take the class again at some point in the future.

Nicole Caldwell

Miracles are Natural