A few weeks ago, by way of the Facebook Page, Who Remembers?, I discovered that it has been 34 years since one of my favorite movies hit theatres. That movie happens to be The NeverEnding Story. As I mentioned in my Facebook post sharing the Who Remembers? post, I remember the first time I watched the movie.

I was young, less than 10 years old, and I watched it at a sleepover at the daycare I attended. During the summer months, the daycare would host sleepovers to give our parents time off. Sleepovers at daycare were always cool because: 1) you got to hang out with all your friends and 2) you got to experience a place that you saw daily at a time of day that you normally didn’t experience it, which made it somewhat magical. Add to that the showing of this fantastical movie, and you can see why my mom had a hard time hearing anything else from me for the entire day following the sleepover event. I was so enamored of this movie, I actually asked if she could please rent it for me because I had to see it again.

Over the years, the movie was never forgotten, but also was not in my mind to purchase or rent. As I’ve gotten older though, my love of all things 80s has grown so much that I now consider myself somewhat a collector of 80s memorabilia such as movies, tees and figurines. I’ve now taken to going back to the theatres to see some of my favorite movies from the 80s on the big screen, since I didn’t ever see them in that format when I was younger. It’s a real treat because it takes me back to my childhood, but revisiting these movies also allows me to see how the Universe was preparing me for my future as a spiritual teacher, counselor and all-around cheerleader.

The NeverEnding Story was a fantastical tale where we watched as Atreyu and Bastian complete their respective tasks to save Fantasia, but as we look at the reason Fantasia needed saving, we recognize that it is not so different than what we are experiencing in our own world right at this moment. The Nothing is the antagonist in the movie. It is a seemingly gargantuan entity that takes away everyone and everything in its path. G’Mork provides the most information about what the Nothing is, stating, “It’s the emptiness that’s left. It’s like a despair, destroying this world.”  Just before this, we are told by G’Mork that Fantasia is a place without boundaries, as it is made of human fantasies. The fact that people have begun to lose hope has caused the Nothing to sprout into being and grow stronger.  When Atreyu then asks G’Mork why he’s helping the Nothing to grow stronger, G’Mork responds with the most telling line, “Because people who have no hopes are easy to control; and whoever has the control… has the power!”

Our world was clearly showing signs of this emptiness and despair when the book upon which the movie is based was written, but now, it’s really graduated to epic proportions. We also see how easy people are controlled and allow themselves to be controlled by outside forces. People are settling for a quick thrill to pacify their want for something greater. The reason I know is that I did it myself.

I felt as if I had no hope just three short years ago. I knew that there was more to life, but I didn’t know how to do anything about where I was and what I was doing to be more in flow with what I was sent to earth to do. Because of my utter disappointment in all areas of my life, I took to purchasing clothing and shoes to pacify me. With each package that I got, I felt a high like you’ve never known, and when it wore off, I would order something else and on and on until the current shiny toy lost its luster. It wasn’t a way to live, and it brought me no peace. I still had the feelings of not being fulfilled, from not living my best life and from not following my dreams of doing something anything other than what I was doing, but yet, I shut it out and kept buying until I had become so hopeless in 2016 that I had to do something. I know you’re wondering if I was ever controlled, and I believe that during that time I was being controlled by outside forces, asking me what I’d do and how I would make ends meet if I wasn’t doing what I’d gone to school to do. The fear that I had of not succeeding in a new venture kept me in a place of not doing anything until I broke down begging for a change.

I won’t say it’s been an easy road, but I can tell you that I’m happy that I had that breakdown. It changed my path and helped me see that I was here for something greater. Somewhat like Bastian in the movie, I did not know my own power until I tapped into my connection with the Source of my power. When Bastian started reading the book, he became connected in. If you remember, he was heard by Atreyu and Morla towards the beginning of the movie and at the end, the Childlike Empress states that he is the only one with the power to save her. The power was within him all along but without his connection to the book, he would have never known it.

And what happened when Bastian owned and recognized his power? He was able to ride Falkor the beautiful and hilarious luck dragon through Fantasia to see each of the characters that he’d read about and saved and also, through the streets of New York City. He was able to find peace from his tormentors (the bullies at the beginning of the movie) because he had his luck dragon on his side.  He allowed his authentic self to show through without fear of how others might handle it.

That is the same thing that happened for me when I owned and recognized my power. I found a peace I never knew and I’ve been abundantly blessed with opportunities and good fortune since then, which all leads me to allow my authentic self to show through even more. It has also helped me to own my role as a spiritual teacher, counselor, and cheerleader. It has helped me to see this movie in a different light and use it as a tool to show you how a movie that you loved during your childhood is actually a movie that is calling for you to come back to your true self (the inner child within aka Bastian). I want to help you connect to your Higher Power. I want you to tap into your superpower of imagination to create your own personal Fantasia. I want you to know that you have the power and that you too can have a luck dragon that allows you to visualize the world of your dreams.

Here are a few first steps to get you started:

  • Embrace Your Inner Child – Stay curious and set aside time to daydream each and every day.
  • Connect to Your Higher Power – Take time each day to connect to a power that is greater than you. Some of my favorite ways to connect are through meditation, exercise, journaling and pulling oracle cards.
  • Allow Your Authentic Self to Come Through – Stop hiding the person that you are. Yeah, you may lose some that don’t like the person you truly are, but guess what? You’ll find a whole group of deep soul friends and family that “totally get you.”
  • Own Your Power – Recognize that you have the choice in this life and how you experience it. You can expect great things to happen for you each day or you can expect bad things to happen to you each day.
  • Don’t Stop Believing – Don’t ever lose hope that things will get better and that you have the power when connected to the power greater than you to make it come into being. Don’t allow yourself to be controlled by others because they have taken your hope. Keep the faith, trust, and surrender!

If you want further help on your journey to learn how to live your authentic life and own your power, feel free to reach out to me by clicking here and scheduling a free 30-minute call with me.