Divine Feminine Oracle created by Meggan Watterson with Artwork by Lisbeth Cheever Gessaman 

I’ve been so excited about this deck from the first moment I laid eyes on it about a little over a month ago.

Ever since I read Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell, I’ve been fascinated with the concept of the divine feminine and allowing divine feminine aspects to be incorporated in my life. For those who may be unaware, we are made up of masculine attributes and feminine attributes. There are more egoic ways to live in these attributes such as for the masculine to dominate, be pushy, and make things happen or the feminine to be passive, not speak up, and remain small. There are also divine ways to live in these attributes such as for the masculine to be a protector, be comforting and loving and the divine feminine to be nurturing, intuitive and empathic.

Obviously, the divine feminine aspects are now being praised and celebrated at length and this oracle comes at the perfect time given all the new interest in allowing the divine feminine aspects to rise within each of us whether we are man or woman.

These cards do not disappoint. They are unlike traditional oracle decks in that the guidebook does not provide you with preparation tips or spreads. Instead, the author provides a background for why this card deck was created and how it is structured, which is pretty unique if I do say so myself.

The cards also meet you eye to eye with each woman looking at you when you pull the card as if she’s looking into your soul.  Meggan states that this has been done purposely because she wants each of us to “experience darshan, a form of seeing and being seen by the divine, with each card.” She states that this allows us to use the oracle as a “sacred mirror so [we] can’t forget just how much divine love [we] have come from.” I absolutely loved this sentiment, but would the cards actually do this for me. Well, yes, they absolutely did.

For my first reading, I actually received five cards. Each of the cards I chose was absolutely perfect for what my soul needed to hear. As seen above, I pulled Rita of Cascia, Marguerite Porete, Joan of Arc, Mary of Nazareth and Parvati. The overarching message for me was one of accepting the role of divine servant, acting with courage, recognizing the love within me, that all things are possible and acknowledging that I am one with all and devotion extends even when I’m not physically with someone. I am love that evolves the soul. I think the divine feminine really wanted to speak to me as they all came out as jumpers, many of them being in sequence due to my lack of shuffling.

I didn’t feel the need to shuffle, as the cards are in no particular order and have no numbers, as others do, so I figured if I got two in the sequence of the guidebook, it did not necessarily matter, and again, I believe I was right, as most of the cards build off the message of the card next to them. For instance, Vajrayogini is followed by Yeshe Tsogyal and Machig Labdron, and both Yeshe Tsogyal and Machig Labdron are said to be incarnations of, you guessed it, Vajrayogini. The messages of each of these cards is different though, such that different aspects of the buddha Vajrayogini as incarnated in Yeshe Tsogyal and Machig Labdron are shared.

In my days working with the deck, I’ve become even more in love with it and the ladies who show up for me when I pull. Being a consummate learner, I’ve absolutely loved learning more about each one of these women and how they shaped history. I have had a few repeats, but I figure that it means that the message is still relevant to me. I really am enjoying this deck for helping me to not only honor my divine feminine but also my divine masculine, as there are several references to establishing boundaries, protection, and sacred rage.

Also, if you purchase the deck before May 29, you can go to www.megganwatterson.com and sign up for her free Red Thread training as a gift for purchasing.

If you’d like to see more of the deck, feel free to check out part 1 and part 2 of my review of it over on my YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9_oZtpLOsGkZD3xrIFErqg.

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